Zachary Brady is an artist, web developer, musician, and activist from Syracuse, New York and currently living in the greater New York City area. This blog is a showcase of what goes on and comes outfits mind. The title “Cyborg Activist” is a reference to the idea of the Cyborg Feminist, a term he identifies with, and stresses the importance of technology in his life.

Zack’s art takes uses many mediums but his medium of choice is the art of Programming; specifically using Processing, Pure Data, Arduino, HTML5, AJAX, as well as other languages. Issues of gender, sexuality, technology, and human relationships, including romantic and familial, are at the center of his art practice; they appear as mixtures and as individual concepts. A focus of interactivity can be seen in his work along with an preference for a “glitched” aesthetic.

Zack is the Web Development Manager at Suits and Sandals Marketing and Design. Suits and Sandals strives be a leader and role model in the field of Web Designing and Development. Zack is an adaptive programmer who is willing to learn new languages and skills in order to get a job done. His primary tools include HTML5 (especially the canvas element), javascript/jQuery, PHP, and the AJAX technique.

He identifies strongly as part of the Occupy movement with particular ties to Occupy Syracuse and the amazing individuals there. As a student at a SUNY college he is part of the New York Student Rising network (NYSR) and works toward the protection of public education. He is also or has been involved with internet neutrality, LGBTQ issues, Food Not Bombs, and the anti-war movement.

Zack is the drummer and a founding member of the Indie rock group Baked Goods that currently operates from the greater New York City area. Baked Goods combines the sounds of artists such as the Pixies, Hop Along Queen Ansleis, Maps and Atlases, Modest Mouse, Fang Island, and many others to create a unique sound that has been described as everything from cute surf rock to post-rock to grunge.


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